Bourne End Auction Rooms

Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables

Our monthly Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables auction follows on from the specialist sales on the first Wednesday of every month. The auctions include selected ceramics, jewellery, collectables, silver, paintings, sculpture, books, and furniture

The fashion for home interiors is ever-changing, so it is not always the traditional pieces that are selected for this auction – we often allocate mid-century furnishings as well as much earlier pieces. This wide range of furnishings gives this sale an interesting and eclectic mix, with prices ranging from less than £100 to over £100,000. This auction also attracts a wide variety of people, from local private buyers to international dealers and collectors bidding on one of the two worldwide bidding platforms we subscribe to.

See auction calendar for our next Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables auction

Our Valuers of Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables

Rachel Assous heads our monthly Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables auction, using the experience she has gained from high-end decorative arts retail in London to auction houses.   Simon Brown, Hugo Lemon, Mark Baldwin, Calum McCalley-Brown, Sian Brown, and Chris Smith all have experience in different fields and assist Rachel with the valuations.

Free Valuations

To receive a free pre-auction valuation, please email images to

Or, book an appointment for one of our valuation days held every Thursday and Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm, or on Saturday mornings between 9.00am and 12.00 noon.

Or, to arrange a free home visit, please call us on 01628 531 500.

For any other questions about our Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables auctions, please call 01628 531 500.