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August 2nd – Antique and Collectors Sale – Catalogue Results

Lot 1    Achieved price:  22
A Bells porcelain Scotch Whisky bottle, sealed and with contents

Lot 2    Achieved price:  100
A boxed Jeroboam bottle of Grande Reserve J de Telmont a Damery France

Lot 3    Unsold
A bottle of Perrier-Jouet and a bottle of Castelnau Champagne

Lot 4    Achieved price:  140
A bottle of Taylor’s First Estate Reserve Port, a bottle of Noval 10-year old Tawny Port, a bottle of Fonseca Fine Reserve Bin No.27 Port, a bottle of Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2001, and a bottle of Fortnum & Mason Vintage Port 1997 (5)

Lot 5    Achieved price:  130
A bottle of Radcliffe’s Classics Dourthe 2005 Saint-Emilion, a bottle of Margaux Initial de Desmirail 2005, a bottle of Les Closiers neuf-du-Pape 2005, a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape Domaine 2005, and two bottles of Marques de Riscal Reserva 2006 Rioja (6)

Lot 6    Achieved price:  85
A Magnum bottle of Champagne Riesener 1500ml, and a Magnum bottle of Champagne Pommery Brut Royal

Lot 7    Unsold
A bottle of Pieroth Blue 2001 Kabinett Nake 750ml in straw and wooden box

Lot 8    Unsold
A selection of mixed miniatures to include Bells

Lot 9    Achieved price:  160
A bottle of 1970s Cuvee Dom Perignon and a boxed bottle of Drambuie Prince Charles Edwards liqueur

Lot 10   Achieved price:  15
A bottle of Chateau Latour St Joseph Haut Medoc 1970

Lot 11   Achieved price:  180
A bottle of 1963 Martinez vintage port – three bottles, levels lower neck, wax seals damaged

Lot 12   Achieved price:  15
A bottle of Bernard Grivelet Marquis D’Aulnay Grand Vin Rouge de reserve 1976, in a wicker bottle holder

Lot 13   Unsold
A bottle of Creme de Cassis de Bourgogne, a bottle of Creme De Mure de Bourgogne and a bottle of Vin Santo Vino da Tavola

Lot 14   Achieved price:  32
A bottle of Mount Gay Black Barrel Barbados Rum, 1lt and a bottle of Westerhall vintage Rum, 750ml

Lot 15   Achieved price:  85
Two bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label Old Scotch aged 12 years, 1.25lt and two bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label aged 12 years, 1lt

Lot 16   Achieved price:  75
A bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch 12 year, 70cl, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label aged 15 years pure malt, 1lt and two bottles of The Black Grouse blended scotch Whisky, 70cl

Lot 17   Achieved price:  70
A bottle of Old Fettercairn aged 10 years, rare old single malt, 70cl, a bottle of Highland Park aged 15 years, single malt, 70cl and a bottle of Glenfiddich single malt, aged 12 years, 70cl

Lot 18   Unsold
Irish Whisky – a bottle of Black Bush, special old Irish whisky, 1lt and a bottle of Bourbon Whisky – Labrot & Graham Distiller’s Select Woodford Reserve, batch 21, bottle no. 11493, 70cl

Lot 19   Achieved price:  50
Two bottles of Courvoisier VS Cognac, 70cl, a bottle of Martell VS Cognac, 70cl, a bottle of Napoleon De Pourvil, 70cl and a bottle of Macieira 5 star Royal Brandy, 1lt

Lot 20   Achieved price:  47
Port -a Dows late vintage Port 2000, bottled in 2006, 75cl, a bottle of Dows Finest Reserve Port, 75cl, a bottle of Grahams Reserve Port, 75cl and a bottle of Grahams Tawny Port, aged 20 Years, 75cl

Lot 21   Achieved price:  30
Madeira – two bottles Blandys Duke of Cumberland, 75cl and Blandys Alvada 5 year old , 50cl along with a bottle of Benedictine D.O.M, 500ml and a bottle of Tia Maria, 700ml

Lot 22   Unsold
A Bells decanter with 75cl of Whisky commemorating the Queen’s Birthday

Lot 23   Unsold
A bottle of 2006 World Cup Dornfelder wine

Lot 24   Achieved price:  50
A Bells Wade Whisky decanter, Christmas 1988 and a Bells Wade Whisky decanter commemorating Princess Beatrice birth 1988

Lot 25   Achieved price:  15
Three boxed bottles of Guinness commemorating The Silver Jubilee and a single glass commemorative set

Lot 26   Unsold
Four Bells Wade Whisky decanters to include one commemorating the birth of Prince William of Wales 21st June 1982, another commemorating the birth of Prince Henry of Wales and another commemorating the Wedding of Prince Andrew to Miss Sarah Ferguson

Lot 27   Achieved price:  35
Two Bells Old Scotch Whisky Wade decanters commemorating the birth of Princess Beatrice 1988

Lot 28   Achieved price:  30
A collection of Guinness boxed commemorative items to include a cut glass tankard and a hip flask

Lot 29   Achieved price:  750
Ten bottles of Dow Vintage Port 1963, seven lower neck, three upper shoulder

Lot 30   Achieved price:  27
A bottle of Rose Lanson Champagne and a bottle of John Haig Dimple Whisky

Lot 31   Achieved price:  35
A bottle of Chivas Regal 12 year old Scotch Whisky, 1lt and a bottle of Chivas Regal, 12 year old Scotch Whisky 37.5

Lot 32   Achieved price:  30
A bottle of Martell Cognac, Le Panto Brandy in presentation box and a bottle of Apricot Brandy

Lot 33   Achieved price:  37
Ten bottles of mixed spirits to include Moskovaskaya Vodka and Malibu

Lot 34   Achieved price:  30
Seven bottles of mixed spirits and wine to include a 1995 Riesling and a bottle of Sake

Lot 35   Achieved price:  40
A selection of eight bottles of red wine to include Australian Yellow Tail Merlot, Chile Malbec and other Merlot

Lot 36   Achieved price:  37
A bottle of Sipsmith Sloe Gin 2010 and mixed bottles to include 50th African Chenin Blanc

Lot 37   Achieved price:  100
A bottle of Chateau Picque Caillou 2004 red wine, 150cl and a bottle of Chateau Leon Grand Bordeaux 1989, 150cl  (2)

Lot 38   Achieved price:  1100
A Regency silver chinoiserie style three piece teaset by Joseph Angel, London 1822, decorated with exotic birds, flowers and scroll work, total weight 1508 grams

Lot 39   Unsold
A Regency silver teapot by Robert Hennell, London 1824, of circular form standing on Shell scrolled feet, 6″ high, 588 grams

Lot 40   Unsold
A Victorian silver teapot of octagonal, baluster form by RJJW London 1850, decorated with Dutch scenes and scrolled foliage, 9″ high, 637 g

Lot 41   Unsold
A silver helmet shaped cream jug by Peter & Ann Bateman, London 1794, with rococo decoration on a raised, square base, 6″ high, 117 grams

Lot 42   Achieved price:  120
An early Victorian silver tankard, London 1838 with floral decoration and scrolled handle, 4″ high, 189 grams

Lot 43   Unsold
A George III sugar bowl and jug by Thomas Wallis II, London 1807,  with floral and hatched decoration, standing on ball feet, total weight 488 grams

Lot 44   Unsold
A silver tankard by Adie Bros Ltd, Birmingham 1929, with central, raised band, ear shaped handle on a raised, circular base, 3 1/2″ high, 98 grams

Lot 45   Unsold
A pair of Victorian silver sugar castors by George Nathan and Ridley Hayes, Chester 1895, decorated with flamed finials, floral and scrolled body, standing on a raised circular base, 6 1/2″ high, total weight 216 grams

Lot 46   Unsold
John Miller – Crabbing, a Cornish coastal scene at sunrise with anchored boats, oil on canvas signed lower right hand corner, 25″ x 37″, framed

Lot 47   Achieved price:  90
A late 19th century clear glass bowl with hobnail cut decoration on a cast gilt metal stand with bead, rope twist and foliate ornament on splayed feet, 10″ diameter

Lot 48   Unsold
A George I style octagonal sugar castor, Sheffield 1975, 7 1/2″ high, 171 grams

Lot 49   Unsold
An Edwardian silver sugar castor by George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, Chester 1902, decorated a with flamed finial, floral and scrolled body, standing on a raised, circular base, 7″ high, 135 grams

Lot 50   Achieved price:  110
A Victorian silver sugar castor, Sheffield 1890, with a flamed finial and scrolled decoration on a raised, circular base, 7″ high, 114 grams

Lot 51   Achieved price:  160
A Victorian silver sugar castor by Fenton Brothers, Samuel Fenton and Alfred Fenton, Sheffield 1891, with a flamed finial, scrolled and leaf decorated body on a raised, circular base, 7″ high, 151 grams

Lot 52   Unsold
A Victorian silver sugar caster by F S, London 1889, with a finial top, scrolled and leaf body on a raised, circular base, 8″ high, 193 grams

Lot 53   Achieved price:  220
A silver gilt chamberstick by James Kirkby, Gregory and Co, Sheffield 1827,  showing a removable drip pan, all decorated with scrolls and flora, 3 1/2″ high, 131 grams

Lot 54   Achieved price:  200
A George IV silver and silver gilt milk jug by Richard Pearce & George Burrows, London 1826 4″ high, 259 grams

Lot 55   Achieved price:  200
A Victorian silver tastevin by Chawner & Co, George William Adams, London 1891, with twin handles and thumb moulded, lobed bowl, 4 1/4″ d, 129g

Lot 56   Achieved price:  140
A matching, graduated pair of Victorian bon-bon dishes by William Neale, Chester 1896, with scrolled, pierced and flower decoration, 6″ and 4 1/2″ diameter, 190 grams

Lot 57   Unsold
A late 19th century Japanese bronze vase decorated with birds and flora, mythical handles on a raised base, 28″ high

Lot 58   Unsold
A set of six reproduction James I silver gilt goblets by RLL Dublin 1979 with baluster knopped stems, 4 1/2″ h, 1200g

Lot 59   Achieved price:  50
A Persian silver filigree overlaid dagger with a waisted handle and curved sheath

Lot 60   Achieved price:  150
A 9ct gold curb link identity bracelet, 12 grams

Lot 61   Achieved price:  340
A 9ct gold flat curb link bracelet, 31 grams

Lot 62   Achieved price:  1100
A yellow metal brooch fashioned as eight fish with enamelled decoration and a central pearl

Lot 63   Unsold
A reproduction Victorian rococo style, shell shaped dish by V S Birmingham 2002, on three shell feet, 1″ h, 5 3/4″ L, 122g

Lot 64   Achieved price:  130
A reproduction Victorian rococo style, shell shaped dish by V S Birmingham 2002, on three scrolled feet, 2 1/2″ h, 9″ l, 390g

Lot 65   Achieved price:  140
A Wedgwood octagonal lustre bowl decorated with Kio fish, marked Z4950 to the base, 8 3/4″ diameter, 4 1/3″ high

Lot 66   Achieved price:  260
An early/mid 20th century Chinese porcelain vase of baluster form decorated with panels of birds perched on a branch and roundels on a yellow ground, 9.5″ high on a hardwood stand

Lot 67   Achieved price:  90
A late 19th century brass inlaid rosewood tea caddy having a hinged, domed top enclosing a pair of clear glass decanters with chamfered corners and stoppers and a mixing bowl, 6 1/2″, 10″ wide

Lot 68   Unsold
A French Art Deco painted spelter figure, a seated woman with a bird in her hand, on an onyx and brown veined, black marble, octagonal base, 10″ high

Lot 69   Achieved price:  140
Early 20th century carved ivory to include a train of lions on a stand, 17 1/4″ long, together with a napkin ring decorated with a crocodile and a pot and lid A/F and other mixed ivory

Lot 70   Achieved price:  40
A late 18th century pearlware teapot of bulbous wrythen moulded form with a domed lid, decorated with flowers in pink, blue and green

Lot 71   Unsold(2)
Three early 20th century Japanese wood block prints, two river scenes and a procession

Lot 72   Achieved price:  900
A 9ct gold flat curb link bracelet, 8″ long, 72 grams

Lot 73   Unsold
A late Victorian silver plated three moon flask bottle Tantalus with a central handle and lobed base with rope-twist holders on ball feet with two brown glass and a clear glass bottle, 12″ h

Lot 74   Achieved price:  100
Circa 1930 a Hardy Bros tortoiseshell style fly box and a good selection of salmon flies

Lot 75   Achieved price:  60
A Hardy Bros metal Giredon dry fly box having nine hinged compartments and note inset, containing approximately 104 dry flies

Lot 76   Achieved price:  60
A Hardy Bros aluminium fly box and forty trout flies to include Senses and two further Ali fly boxes with 90 mixed flies

Lot 77   Achieved price:  85
A Hardy Bros ‘The Altex’ No 2 Mark V spinning reel with spanner and labels, later box

Lot 78   Achieved price:  420
A Hardy Bros ‘The Perfect” 3 3/4 Salmon reel with box, as new (box worn)

Lot 79   Unsold
A George III mahogany wheel barometer inlaid with shell, floral and  stringing in boxwood, 38″ high

Lot 80   Achieved price:  75
A Hardy Bros 9′ Palakona two piece split cane rod and bag and a 10′ Palakona 1894, serial number 25862

Lot 81   Achieved price:  45
An Alex Martin, Glasgow, 12’3″ Salmon rod, an A E Rudge & Son 13’6″  Salmon rod, and a Hardy Bros 8’9″ spinning rod

Lot 82   Achieved price:  200
A set of eighteen Chinese silver coloured commemorative coins

Lot 83   Achieved price:  850
A selection of Chinese coinage to include several 7 mace and 2 candareen coins, Sun Yat Sen Chinese dollar coins and others (23)

Lot 84   Achieved price:  340
A miscellaneous lot of Chinese coinage to include oriental trade dollars and Chinese silver dollars (22)

Lot 85   Achieved price:  600
A mixed group of Chinese coinage to include a 7 mace and 2 candareen coins (33)

Lot 86   Achieved price:  100
An early 20th century Indian carved hardwood occasional table, the oval top decorated with figures, elephants and flora, on elephant mask and trunk legs, 21″h, 29″ w

Lot 87   Achieved price:  400
A Swarovski coloured glass model toucan with cast metal feet perched on a carved wood base, 7 6/8″ h

Lot 88   Unsold
A Magnum bottle of Pauillac reserve, 1995, 150cl

Lot 89   Achieved price:  75
A pair of Victorian silver serving spoons by Robert Sallam, London 1888, with flared, fluted handles, 153g, cased

Lot 90   Achieved price:  260
A mid 20th century engine turned, enamelled, silver and clear glass dressing table set, Adie Brothers, Birmingham 1947, decorated with pink roses and other flowers on a cream ground, comprising a scent bottle, an atomizer, a lidded jar, a hand mirror, a clothes brush and a hair brush, cased

Lot 91   Achieved price:  37
MT – a view of an Italianate domed building with boats to the foreground, oil on board initialed, 5″ x 7″, framed

Lot 92   Achieved price:  80
Gisela Falke – a pair of half length portraits, each of a man wearing a hat, smoking a pipe and holding a glass of ale, oil on panel signed top right and top left, 6 1/8″ x 4 5/8″ in gilt frames

Lot 93   Achieved price:  260
A pair of late 19th century Bohemian red and yellow glass vases with a flared bowl and twelve roundels engraved with flowers, other objects and text, on a petal shaped foot, 5 1/2″ h

Lot 94   Achieved price:  70
Two late Victorian green glass dumps, one decorated with a vase of flowers, 6 1/2″ h and the other a single flower, 4 1/8″ h

Lot 95   Achieved price:  70
An early 20th century Satsuma table lamp fashioned as an elephant with a howdah and building on its back, on a carved wood stand, 14″ h

Lot 96   Achieved price:  190
A 19th century Japanese cast iron tetsubin fashioned as a thatched house with a swing handle, 9″ h

Lot 97   Achieved price:  260
In the manner of Jan Van Huysum – a pair of still life, flowers in a vase on a table, oil on copper, 11″ x 9″ in a gilt frame and box frame

Lot 98   Achieved price:  85
A Troika pottery vase of rectangular, tapered form decorated with two blue panels on a brown ground, monogrammed for Sue Bladen, 6 6/8″ h

Lot 99   Achieved price:  440
A Troika pottery lamp fashioned as a tin mine, decorated in blue and brown, 8 1/2″ h

Lot 100 Achieved price:  50
An Edwardian string inlaid and crossbanded mahogany card table, the rotating foldover top enclosing a green baize surface and two sets of whist markers, on square, tapered legs, 27 1/2″h x 21 3/4″w x 15 1/4″ d closed

Lot 101 Unsold
A George III mahogany and blind fret carved lowboy with three drawers and a shaped apron on square, tapered, chamfered legs, 27 1/2″h, 30″ w, 16 1/2″ d

Lot 102 Achieved price:  170
A George V silver pedestal dish by The Goldsmith & Silver Smith, London 1929 with twin handles and pierced decoration, 8″ dia, 487 g

Lot 103 Achieved price:  220
An Edwardian silver tankard by James Wakely & Frank Clark Wheeler, London 1907 with an applied rim and foot, 4 5/8″ h, 367 g

Lot 104 Achieved price:  380
A George III silver salver by Ebenezer Coker, London 1772, with a raised and embossed border, engraved and chased floral decoration on ball and claw feet, 12 1/2″ dia, 922 g

Lot 105 Achieved price:  95
A late Victorian silver reception bell by William Comyns and Sons, London 1900 with a rotating finial, floral and scrolled, embossed decoration on a black painted, wooden base, 4 1/8″ d

Lot 106 Unsold
An Art Deco pale turquoise bed spread with floral and scrolled line stitched decoration, 99″ x 92 and two matching cushion cases

Lot 107 Unsold
Early 20th Chinese School – a shoreline scene with a workman pushing a cart by a building, watercolour, signed in pencil and four character seal mark

Lot 108 Achieved price:  100
Late 19th century Japanese and Chinese carved ivory to include three figures, two  men and a woman, 3 1/2″ h – 7″ h and a card case 4 1/2″ x 2 5/8″

Lot 109 Achieved price:  100
In the manner of Jan Van Huysum, a still life of flowers in a vase by a birds nest with eggs, oil on panel, 15 1/2″ x 11″, framed

Lot 110 Unsold
A late Victorian oak settle having an arched, panelled back, open arms and cushion seat on cabriole forelegs and pad feet, 71 1/2″ w

Lot 111 Achieved price:  70
Two late 19th century French fans, one with horn style sticks and guards with panels of figures in conversation, 10 1/2″ l and the other with wooden sticks and guards with paper a panel depicting birds in a garden on lace, 9 3/4″ l, boxed

Lot 112 Achieved price:  650
A Daum Nancy green glass vase of ovoid form with a flared neck decorated in low relief with geometric motifs, signed, 16 1/2″ h

Lot 113 Achieved price:  440
An 18ct gold ring set with a central rectangular, emerald cut diamond, flanked by a pair of square diamonds

Lot 114 Achieved price:  750
Five 1930s English, tin plated, clockwork toys to include an Ullman Pu150 AA motorcycle, a Municipal Tramways trams, a world service bus, a transport bus 804 and an Esso tanker

Lot 115 Unsold
Romger – a still life of pink and yellow roses, oil on porcelain, signed lower right corner and dated ’71, 12″ x 10″, framed

Lot 116 Achieved price:  140
After Lavergne – a late 19th century cast and patinated bronze ‘Pecheur’ a boy with a fishing rod on a plinth, 20″ high

Lot 117 Achieved price:  260
A Persian rug with palmets, leaves and birds on a black ground, 72″ x 47″

Lot 118 Unsold
A Clarice Cliff My Garden pattern, trumpet shaped vase on splayed foot, decorated in tones of orange, yellow, green and brown with back stamp, numbered 701/12, 12″ h

Lot 119 Achieved price:  50
A Moorcroft pottery Lemon Tree pattern vase of ovoid form decorated in green, yellow, blue and black, 7 1/4″ h

Lot 120 Achieved price:  120
A modern George III design silver waiter Elkington & Co, Sheffield 1996 with a scalloped edge on scrolled feet, 8″ dia

Lot 121 Achieved price:  150
An early Victorian coromandel jewellery box with brass edging, the hinged lid enclosing a green baize fabric interior with a tray, over a drawer, 7″ h x 12″w x 9″d

Lot 122 Achieved price:  300
A George V three piece silver tea service by Ellis Jacob Greenburg, Birmingham 1918 of oval form with engraved ornament, comprising a teapot, sugar basin and milk jug, 870 g

Lot 123 Achieved price:  140
A Pakistan Bokhara carpet with repeated gulls on a red ground, 103″ x 122″

Lot 124 Achieved price:  50
An Afghan rug with five gulls on a red ground

Lot 125 Achieved price:  75
Masonic and Buffalo regalia to include three aprons and a sash embroidered with flags, a twin headed bird and a silver gilt and enamelled pendant with a crown over a star and the number 32, Birmingham 1935

Lot 126 Achieved price:  95
Four Beswick model horses to include a mat black glazed example and a similar foal, 5 6/8″ h – 6 3/4″ h

Lot 127 Achieved price:  47
Five Beswick models to include two corgis, a black Labrador, a hound and a bison, 2 1/2″ h to 5 1/2″ h

Lot 128 Achieved price:  420
Six Sitzendorf model soldiers to include a 3rd Regt Grenadier Guards, a Coldstream Guards Officer Field Order, a Scots Guard Officer, a Royal Artillery 1830, a Seaforth Highlanders 1815 and a 95th Rifleman Private 1815, 11″ h to 12″ h

Lot 129 Achieved price:  360
A set of four Michael Sutty model soldiers to include Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Artillery 1981, an Officer 2nd KEO Gurkha Rifles, A Royal Horse Artillery 1970 and a Rifleman 2nd KEO Gurkha Rifles 1880, 7 1/2″ h to 8 1/2″

Lot 130 Achieved price:  85
Three Royal Doulton figures Past Glory HN 2484, 8″ h, Drummer Boy HN 2679, 8 3/4″h and The Laird HN 2361

Lot 131 Achieved price:  400
Three Beswick model horses and riders to include HM Queen Elizabeth II mounted on Imperial, 10 1/2″ h, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh mounted on Alamein 10 3/4″ h and another similar, 9 1/2″ h

Lot 132 Achieved price:  500
A George Potters & Co painted and brass Depot Seaforth Highlanders military drum, the skin with various signatures, dated ’67 and a pair of rock maple drum sticks, 14 1/2″ dia.

Lot 133 Achieved price:  200
A set of twelve silver coins, The Queens Guards series, nine metal cap badges and two cloth badges, all mounted on a velvet panel, framed, 15 1/2″ square

Lot 134 Achieved price:  120
Military related clothing and accessories to include a blue collared, red velvet jacket with a blue waist coat, an armband, two belts, three peaked caps, a felt hat, a beret and two other hats

Lot 135 Achieved price:  80
A Gurkha knife with a teak handle and two smaller knives in a black leather sheath, 17 1/2″ L overall and two turned wooden truncheons with leather straps, 25 1/2″ l and 14″ l

Lot 136 Unsold
A set of four silver bridge spoons by Comyns, London 2002, the bowls fashioned as the four suits, boxed

Lot 137 Unsold
Brian Bennett – Buckinghamshire Landscape with fields and trees, oil on canvas, signed lower right corner, 16″ x 22″, framed

Lot 138 Unsold
Francis Clark – Boy removing flees from his dog, after Borch, 6″ x 4 7/8″, boy in feathered cap holding a flute, 5 1/8″ diameter, a peasant boy leaning on a sill, after a painting by Murillo, 4 6/8″ dia., a group of three painted porcelain plaques, signed, inscribed verso, mounted in gilt frames.   Catalogue Note:  Francis clark worked at the Royal Worcester factory from 1972-1982 painting limited edition models, fruit and special commissions.  Since 1982 he has worked independently selling his paintings through the Worcester Museum or through commissions (3)

Lot 139 Achieved price:  70
A group of Victorian, early 20th century and later glass marbles to include thirteen Victorian marbles, (some onion skins), some damages

Lot 140 Achieved price:  50
Autographs from the 1930s to 1970s comprising tennis players, authors, musicians, entertainers and others to include Raymond Lister, Frank Swinnerton, Lord Lytton, Coco (The Clown), Anthony Eden, Jack Crawford, Betty Nuttall and others

Lot 141 Unsold
Lord and Lady Northesk related ephemera to include two signed photographs, one inscribed Coronation 1953 and other personal photographs

Lot 142 Unsold
Air Force related printed ephemera to include 1980 Bomber Command reunion dinner order and menu, magazine and invite signed by Vera Lynn and the Dambusters music sheet, signed by Eric Coates and Carte De Vin Royal Marines Dance, 18 Aug 1942

Lot 143 Achieved price:  20
1940s and 1950s printed ephemera to include casino, hotel, London members clubs and other related papers

Lot 144 Unsold
Printed ephemera to include theatre programmes, some signed, tickets, from the 1940s to 1980s, The Shadows, two books, one signed and ‘The Life of Sir Ernest Shackleton by Hugh Robert Mill, signed by Raymond Shackleton

Lot 145 Unsold
James Isaiah Lewis – a view of the Old Star and Garter Hotel from the Twickenham bank and a view from Richmond Hill to the Thames, oil on canvas, signed lower left corner, 8″ x 12″, unframed (2)

Lot 146 Achieved price:  850
Rufus Ogundele (Nigerian 1946-1996) Masks, oil on board, signed and dated ’85, 21″ x 32 3/4″, unframed

Lot 147 Achieved price:  320
A George III oak longcase clock, the hood having a fretwork pediment over an arched door, box base on a plinth, the eight day bell strike movement with a brass dial, silvered Roman chapter ring, subsidiary seconds, date aperture and strike/silent, inscribed J N Jack Hailston, 88″ h

Lot 148 Unsold
An early 19th century string inlaid, mahogany, bow front chest on chest, the upper part having two short and three long drawers over three graduated long drawers on bracket feet, 79 1/2″ h, 49″w, 23″ dia

Lot 149 Unsold
A George III oak longcase clock, the hood having a swan neck pediment over an arched door and box base, on a plinth, the eight day bell strike movement with a painted Roman dial, with subsidiary seconds and date, 87″ high

Lot 150 Achieved price:  27
C B Smith of Fortis Green, Finchley – Corner of Beak Street, London, a watercolour drawing of Robinson and Cleaver Building, unsigned, label verso, 15 6/8″ x 20″, framed and glazed

Lot 151 Achieved price:  110
A set of four 1970s Stoneville Furniture Company dining chairs, the back and seat upholstered in red vinyl with white piping on chrome tubular legs

Lot 152 Unsold
An Italian retro green armchair form by Piero Lissoni for Kartell on chrome tubular legs

Lot 153 Achieved price:  240
Bernard B Hemy – Two harbour scenes with sailing boats and steamers, oil on board, signed 12″ x 12″ and 10″ x 14″, framed and glazed

Lot 154 Achieved price:  45
A late 19th century Greek carved fruit wood walking stick, the handle fashioned as a horse’s head and inscribed Kepkypa, 35 1/2″ long

Lot 155 Achieved price:  85
A bottle of Jean Guerbe, Grande Champagne Premier Cru Cognac

Lot 156 Achieved price:  180
A Victorian walking cane, the gilt bronze handle fashioned as six bearded faces, on an ebonized shaft length 35 1/4″

Lot 157 Achieved price:  60
A mid 20th century, silver topped St John’s Ambulance swagger stick by F Narborough, Birmingham 1948, on an ebonized, tapered shaft, length 26 3/4″

Lot 158 Achieved price:  190
A George V silver coffee pot of baluster form by Elkington & Co, London 1912 with a pierced lip, on splayed feet, 628 g

Lot 159 Achieved price:  42
An early 20th century possibly Indian silver waiter with a cast and applied, lobed floral edge on splayed feet, 5 1/8″ dia, 142g

Lot 160 Achieved price:  30
A group of 19th century and later books on fishing to include The Works of Mr Richard Hooker by Isaac Walton in two volumes (one volume present), Oxford 1850, The Compleat Angler by Isaac Walton, facsimile reprint of the 1st edition, Allcock’s Angler’s Guide and Abridged List of Fishing Tackle 1937-38 and others (9)

Lot 161 Achieved price:  45
An early 20th century exotic hardwood walking stick with a white metal cap handle, on a tapered shaft, length 34″

Lot 162 Achieved price:  100
Books – Westmorland, A Survey and Inventory by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, published by His Majesty’s Stationery Office, circa 1936, 1st Ed. bound in gilt work pictorial red cloth boards, with duct wrapper and card slip case, folding maps to rear slip, J B Pyne The Lake Scenery of England circa 1859, History and Topography of Cumberland and Westmoreland, circa 1860, Cheselden’s plates of the Human Bones, London, 19th century and The Outpost volume 4 no 1 Dec 1943-Jan 1944 (5)

Lot 163 Achieved price:  40
Two late 19th century Malacca walking canes, one with a foliate embossed cap handle, Birmingham 1886, 35″ long, and an Indian example with a white metal handle, embossed with figures, length 33 1/2″

Lot 164 Unsold
A late Victorian mahogany chiffoniere with a raised back, over two inline moulded drawers and a pair of arched, panelled doors, on a plinth base, 54″ h, 47″ w

Lot 165 Unsold
A William IV mahogany extending, drop leaf dining table on turned, tapered, reeded legs and castors, 28 1/2″ h, 25″ w closed, 74″ h extended with an additional leaf, 54″w

Lot 166 Achieved price:  80
An A J McIntyre’s Benefit 1955 autographed album to include members from Surrey, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Middlesex, England, Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand

Lot 167 Unsold
A late 19th century Kukri with a carved hardwood handle in a leather clad sheath, 12 1/2″ l blade and two early 20th century knives, each with a wire bound wooden handle and leather clad sheaths, 6 1/4″ and 5 1/2″ blade

Lot 168 Achieved price:  37
A black painted combat style knife with a metal ribbed handle in a leather sheath, 6 1/3″ blade

Lot 169 Achieved price:  220
Two late Victorian hunting whips, one by Swain & Co, the other by Briggs, and a mid 20th century example, each with a horn handle, silver collar and a leather shaft

Lot 170 Achieved price:  35
A mid 20th century Coracle picnic hamper with a cream and brown vinyl clad case enclosing chrome cutlery, china cups and plates, flasks and containers

Lot 171 Unsold
A late Victorian fine walnut breakfront bookcase stepped top bookcase with four  glazed doors, fluted flanks with carved Corinthian carved capitals on a plinth 66″ high x 101″ wide

Lot 172 Achieved price:  65
A Boy Scout Kodak folding pocket camera, green coloured case, brown cloth slim case with leather trim and green interior

Lot 173 Achieved price:  220
A Victorian 1895 full sovereign

Lot 174 Achieved price:  140
Eric Ravilious 1903-1942 – The Undertaker and Fireworks, tow prints from the lithograph for High Street series, circa 1938, 5 6/8″ x 5 5/8″, mounted but unframed (2)

Lot 175 Unsold
Two Portuguese Palissy style wall chargers decorated with a lobster and a crab amongst, other sea life, 20th century, 12 5/8″ dia

Lot 176 Achieved price:  190
A Royal Doulton stoneware model of a crouching rabbit, marks to base, 2 6/8″h x 3 2/8″ l

Lot 177 Unsold
A vintage Yves Sain Laurent brown leather handbag with antler handle and silver plated mount, a vintage crocodile handbag and three others

Lot 178 Achieved price:  200
A Fourrures, George V of Paris  bob cat fur, full length ladies coat

Lot 179 Achieved price:  70
A selection of necklaces to include a cherry red graduated bead necklace, a smaller cherry red phenolic amber faceted and graduated bead necklace, a garnet, double strand bead necklace, three jade bead necklaces and others

Lot 180 Achieved price:  140
A selection of Persian coins

Lot 181 Achieved price:  45
A bottle of Moet and Chandon 1977 Champagne commemorating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee

Lot 182 Unsold
A late Victorian string inlaid, ebonized and walnut work table, the hinged top enclosing a compartmented interior over turned columns, raised on splayed legs with carved knees and castors, 27″ high, 24″ wide

Lot 183 Achieved price:  380
A Beswick model of a red Indian mounted on horse-back, along with a model of a Canadian mounted policeman on horse-back

Lot 184 Achieved price:  120
A group of three leather bull whips, a zair leather whip with silver plated band and antler handle, other accessories and two South American Bolas

Lot 185 Unsold
A Reed and Barton silver plated tray decorated with a flowering branch on a stippled ground, birds, insects, flower sprays and leaves on a brick effect ground to the edge, 11″ square, an  American Reed and Barton silver plated butter holder on stand with floral engraved and cast decoration, 11″ high and a late Victorian/early 20th century silver plated egg cup stand and four matching egg cups

Lot 186 Unsold
An early 20th century Indian carved ivory letter opener, the hand carved with a figure of Gnash, 9″ long and an Indian carved ivory model of a cart pulled by cattle, early 20th century

Lot 187 Achieved price:  100
A small Japanese Satsuma, twin handled pot, decorated panels of seated figures against all over gilt work design, impressed seal mark and red four character mark to base, 2 2/8″ high

Lot 188 Achieved price:  550
A late 19th/early 20th century jardiniere with floral blue and white decoration between boarders of cloud motifs and stiff leaves, blue six character Kangxi mark to base, but later, 8 7/8″ h, 9 6/8″ dia

Lot 189 Achieved price:  1100
A pair of Japanese ivory and lacquered work vases on lacquered wooden stand, decorated with figures in a boat underneath a tree, to on vase and a peacock amongst foliate to the other, early 20th century, 16 3/8″ high

Lot 190 Achieved price:  400
An early 20th century walnut Queen Anne style extending, wind-out dining table, leaf carved, moulded edge on kneed carved cabriole legs and carved feet on castors, 31″h, 36″ w (dining table with one extra leaf, 65″ l with un-extended) and a set of six matching dining chairs, Prince of Wales feathers carved to the crest rails,  leather upholstered drop in seats

Lot 191 Unsold
An early 19th century German cut glass portrait beaker, inscribed to the reverse side Dr J A Stole, Arzl in Teplitz 1827

Lot 192 Achieved price:  50
A large Gouda Grisante Dutch pottery vase of baluster form with waisted neck and flared foot, all over floral decoration against a reticulated ground, 21″ high

Lot 193 Achieved price:  80
An Egyptian pyrography velvet panel, hand painted with a continuous band of grape vines and entwined vine scrolls, possibly late 18th century, 39 1/2″ x 16″

Lot 194 Achieved price:  50
A contemporary Moorcroft plum pattern plate, 10 2/8″ h and matching small vase, 4 1/8″ h

Lot 195 Achieved price:  190
Seven Moorcroft limited edition plates dated between 1989 and 200, signed W M for Walter Moorcroft, to the underside of each plate, 8 1/2″

Lot 196 Achieved price:  40
Six Moorcroft ashtrays to include four in the Coral Hibiscus pattern, 4 5/8″

Lot 197 Achieved price:  75
A group of contemporary Moorcroft Robin pattern china, circa 1988, to include a collectors plate, a small footed ovoid vase, a waisted mug and a pair of dwarf candlesticks (5)

Lot 198 Achieved price:  150
Six pieces of Moorcroft pale blue Hibiscus pattern pottery

Lot 199 Achieved price:  110
A group of nine contemporary Moorcroft pottery pin dishes,  to include Spring blossom, lemons and toadstool patterns

Lot 200 Achieved price:  40
The Moorcroft dishes to include an Anemone patterned dish, 4 3/8″

Lot 201 Achieved price:  80
A selection of Moorcroft pottery to include a small ovoid vase decorated with yellow berries (7)

Lot 202 Achieved price:  40
A Grand Old Parr blended scotch whisky numbered KY214 to the underside, together with a Glen Elgin 5cl bottle of scotch whisky and a bottle of Stone Ginger Beer

Lot 203 Achieved price:  15
A bottle of Prince Charles Edwards Drambuie Liqueur, boxed, and two bottles of Skol limited edition Lager