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6th of December – Antique, Fine Wines, Spirits and Champagne Sale – Catalogue Results

Lot 1 Unsold
A bottle of Haig’s Dimple Whisky, boxed

Lot 2 Achieved price: 100
A Magnum bottle of Pauillac reserve, 1995, 150cl

Lot 3 Unsold
A bottle of Dom Perignon 1998 vintage, boxed

Lot 4 Unsold
A bottle of KWV Muscadet 1930 in wooden presentation box

Lot 5 Achieved price: 25
Two Champagne buckets, one with table stand

Lot 6 Achieved price: 85
Two bottles of Port to include a 1935 Cockburn’s, mid shoulder, A/F and a 1955 Cockburn’s Port, lower neck

Lot 7 Unsold
A bottle of 1997 Sichel Sauternes, 50cl

Lot 8 Achieved price: 70
A bottle of Cockburn’s Port 1935, mid shoulder

Lot 9 Unsold
Two bottles of Port, 1977 Croft Vintage and 1977 Delaforce

Lot 10 Unsold
Two bottles of 1963 Croft Vintage Port

Lot 11 Achieved price: 40
Seven mixed bottles to include Moet & Chandon, Taylors Port and Old Coronation Ruby Port

Lot 12 Unsold
Five celebration beers, a 1963 Royal Oporto and a 1989 cased Cruz Porto Vintage

Lot 13 Achieved price: 32
A Johnnie Walker boxed bottle of Double Black, 1 litre

Lot 14 Unsold
Dona Antonia Ferreira Personal Reserve Port HMY Britannia, limited edition number 0911

Lot 15 Unsold
A Bells decanter with 75cl of Whisky commemorating the Queen’s Birthday

Lot 16 Unsold
A Bells Wade Whisky decanter, Christmas 1988 and a Bells Wade Whisky decanter commemorating Princess Beatrice’s birth in 1988, 75 cl

Lot 17 Achieved price: 85
Two bottles of Ancestor Dewars Rare Old Scotch Whisky, one bottle of Gordon’s Gin and one bottle of VAT 69

Lot 18 Achieved price: 130
Twelve bottles of 1970s Chateau Saint Pierre Lalande de Pomerol,

Lot 19 Achieved price: 130
Six bottles of Chateau Saint Pierre 1969 Fixin, Les Hervelets, four bottles of 1966 Savigny Clos Des Guettes and two bottles of Pernand – Vergelesses Le Fichots 1964

Lot 20 Unsold
Six bottles of Cotes du Rhone Villages 1990

Lot 21 Achieved price: 360
Three bottles of Dolamore 1935 Grande Champagne Cognac, bottled in 1965

Lot 22 Unsold
Five bottles of Chateau Doisy-Verdrine 1975, Sauternes

Lot 23 Achieved price: 90
A collection of mixed bottles to include Cointreau and Kahlua

Lot 24 Achieved price: 27
A mixed selection of wine and Anniversary Ale to include Mouton Cadet and Beaujolais

Lot 25 Achieved price: 85
Louis Royer & Co – two bottles of Cognac Grande Fine Champagne Cognac, 24 fl ozs

Lot 26 Achieved price: 47
Fifteen mixed bottles to include Bordeaux and Cotes Du Rhone

Lot 27 Achieved price: 95
A bottled of Dom Perignon 1970 Champagne (label damaged)

Lot 28 Achieved price: 120
Three bottles of Irish Whiskey to include Jameson and Paddy and three bottles of Scotch Whisky

Lot 29 Achieved price: 70
Two bottles of Chivas Regal, one bottle of Auchentoshan and one bottle of Glenlivet

Lot 30 Achieved price: 85
Four boxed bottles of Scotch Whisky to include Jura, Balvenie, Aberfeldy and Auchentoshan

Lot 31 Unsold
Twelve mixed bottles to include 2003 bottled Vintage Port, Gloags Dry Gin and three 50ml bottles of port

Lot 32 Achieved price: 160
Two 75cl bottles of Krug Champagne from BA Concorde, circa 1992

Lot 33 Achieved price: 170
Three bottles of Moet & Chandon Champagne and a bottle of Dom Perignon 1970 vintage Champagne, 75cl

Lot 34 Achieved price: 80
A Veuve Clicquot Bicentenary bottle of Champagne and a 1977 bottle of Moet & Chandon Silver Jubilee

Lot 35 Achieved price: 65
Six bottles of mixed red wine to include Chateauneuf Du Pape

Lot 36 Unsold
One bottle of Chateau Langoa Barton 1986

Lot 37 Achieved price: 60
One bottle of vintage Port – Morgans 1963, upper shoulder

Lot 38 Achieved price: 55
One bottle of Chateau Guiraud 1962

Lot 39 Unsold
A bottle of Siglo Crianza Rioja 2004 and a bottle of Ruster Eiswein 1983 – not for human consumption

Lot 40 Unsold
A boxed bottle of Bells Scotch Whisky in a Wade bell

Lot 41 Achieved price: 30
A boxed bottle of Dimple Haig

Lot 42 Achieved price: 30
Ye Olde Liqueur Mead and House of Commons Cognac

Lot 43 Achieved price: 10
One bottle of Princes Ale Bass 1929, Prince of Wales, brew

Lot 44 Unsold
Six mixed bottles to include Croft Original and Triple Crown Port

Lot 45 Achieved price: 320
Two bottles of Dolamore 1922 Champagne Cognac, bottled in 1967

Lot 46 Achieved price: 260
Two bottles of Dolamore 1922 Champagne Cognac, bottled in 1967

Lot 47 Achieved price: 140
Three bottles of Louis Royer & Co Grande Fine Champagne Cognac

Lot 48 Achieved price: 85
Dolamore, seven bottles of mixed red wine A/F, to include 1967 Chateau Cabannieux

Lot 49 Unsold
Six bottles of Irish Whiskey to include Bushmills & Jameson

Lot 50 Achieved price: 80
Nine bottles of Calvet Chateau Grand Barrail 1959, A/F

Lot 51 Achieved price: 140
Eleven bottles of Chateau Cissac Haut Medoc A/F

Lot 52 Achieved price: 95
Twelve bottles of Chateau des Moulinets Haut-Medoc 1975, boxed A/F

Lot 53 Achieved price: 200
Twelve bottles of Auxey Duiesses 1985, boxed and ten unboxed

Lot 54 Achieved price: 110
Eleven bottles of Chateau Corbin Saint Emilion 1961 A/F

Lot 55 Achieved price: 280
Twelve bottles of Dolamore 1959 Chateau La Tour Anseillan, Pauillac A/F

Lot 56 Achieved price: 200
Twelve bottles of 1964 1st Cru Saint Emilion Chateau La Gaffeliere Naudes, Greens Ltd A/F

Lot 57 Achieved price: 140
A large quantity of eighteen mixed bottles of red wine to include 1964 Cheval Noir Saint Emilion and 1955 Chateau Batailley A/F

Lot 58 Achieved price: 95
Eight bottles of Rioja, mixed dates

Lot 59 Achieved price: 30
Four bottles of Port to include Cockburn’s Special Reserve

Lot 60 Achieved price: 75
A collection of mixed spirits to include Remy Martin

Lot 61 Achieved price: 150
Barton & Guestier – seventeen mixed bottles of 1962-1964 Pomerol and Medoc A/F

Lot 62 Achieved price: 95
Twelve bottles of Dimini Veneti 1999 Ripasso

Lot 63 Unsold
A Johnnie Walker bottle of Black Label Whisky, 1L and two bottles of Traquair Ale

Lot 64 Achieved price: 30
A bottle of Stracoali Chianti Classico, 5 Litres

Lot 65 Achieved price: 260
A boxed single bottle of Hennessy XO Cognac, circa 1977

Lot 66 Achieved price: 400
Three bottles of Moet et Chandon Dom Perignon 1966, 1966 and 1978

Lot 67 Achieved price: 40
One bottle of Reims Krug Champagne and one bottle of Maison Deutz

Lot 68 Achieved price: 280
Nine mixed bottles to include a Tia Maria and Chartreuse A/F

Lot 69 Achieved price: 42
A bottle of 1985 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne, 75ml

Lot 70 Achieved price: 110
Twenty four bottles of mixed reds to include Porcupine Ridge

Lot 71 Achieved price: 42
Six bottles of Irish Whisky, 70cl

Lot 72 Achieved price: 65
Twenty four bottles of mixed white wine to include Sauvignon Blanc

Lot 73 Achieved price: 320
Twelve bottles of Chateau Rieussec 1st Grand Crue Sauterns 1976, in a wooden case

Lot 74 Achieved price: 170
Twelve bottles of Chateau Cissac Medoc 1978

Lot 75 Achieved price: 180
Twelve bottles of Chateau De Fieuzal Grand Crue Classe 1975 in a wooden case

Lot 76 Achieved price: 150
Twelve bottles of Chateau Cantem Villeneuve Haut Medoc 1975, in a wooden case

Lot 77 Achieved price: 100
Twelve bottles of Chateau Cissac Medoc 1976 in a wooden case

Lot 78 Achieved price: 240
Twelve bottles of Grand Vin Du Chateau Phelan-Segur Saint Gstephen Medoc 1982

Lot 79 Achieved price: 200
Twelve bottles of Chateau Cissac Medoc 1978 in a wooden case

Lot 80 Achieved price: 170
Twelve bottles of Chateau De Fieuzal Grand Crue Classe 1975, in a wooden case

Lot 81 Achieved price: 190
Twelve bottles of Chateau Malescot St Margaux Corney & Barrow 1975, in a wooden case

Lot 82 Achieved price: 220
Twelve bottles of Grand Vin Du Chateau Plelan Segur Saint E Stephen Medoc 1982

Lot 83 Achieved price: 200
Twelve bottles of Grand Vin Du Chateau Plelan Segur Saint E Stephen Medoc 1982

Lot 84 Achieved price: 100
Twenty four bottles of mixed red wine to include Cotes de Bourg

Lot 85 Achieved price: 50
Twenty four bottles of mixed red and white wines to include Sauvignon Blanc and Rioja

Lot 86 Achieved price: 50
Four, six bottle cases of wine to include Merlot and Rioja

Lot 87 Achieved price: 120
Twenty four mixed bottles of wine to include Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 88 Achieved price: 45
Two bottles of Hermitage 1988 A/F a bottled of Hermitage 1991 and a bottle of Puligny Montrachet, 1992

Lot 89 Achieved price: 110
Ten bottles of BARsac 1983 Chateau Liot A/F

Lot 90 Achieved price: 260
Eight bottles of Santa Catarina Madeira

Lot 91 Achieved price: 440
Twenty bottles of mixed reds to include 1959 Chateau Figeac 1st Grand Crue Classe St Emilion

Lot 92 Achieved price: 340
Sixteen bottles of mixed reds to include a 1959 Chateau Meyney & 1979 Pomerol

Lot 93 Achieved price: 60
Sixteen mixed bottles to include Pimms and four large bottles of Cinzano 1.5lts

Lot 94 Achieved price: 85
A selection of mixed bottles to include Harvey’s 1971 Barsac etc

Lot 95 Achieved price: 100
A case of twelve bottles of Chateau Cissac 1981 Haut-Medoc, 750ml

Lot 96 Unsold
A bottle of Hennessy very special Cognac 1l

Lot 97 Unsold
A bottle of Hennessy very special Cognac 1 1/2Lt

Lot 98 Achieved price: 130
A bottle of Grand Rayon Cognac and a boxed bottle of Hennessy XO Cognac

Lot 99 Achieved price: 190
A bottle of Chartreuse, boxed

Lot 100 Unsold
Eight mixed bottles of alcohol to include Sherry

Lot 101 Achieved price: 35
A bottle of Korean Ginseng and a bottle of Chateau Courvoisier Cognac

Lot 102 Achieved price: 45
A bottle of Glenfiddich

Lot 103 Achieved price: 120
Thirty nine mixed bottles of white wine to include Sauvignon Blanc

Lot 104 Achieved price: 100
An Ossy Clark ladies long black evening dress, chest size approximately 36″wide, in 100% rayon.

Lot 105 Achieved price: 90
A vintage ocelot thigh-length coat with a mink collar, 33″ in length, chest size approximately 42″ wide

Lot 106 Achieved price: 100
An astrakhan three-quarter length coat A/F with musquash fur collar in brown, 36″ in length and chest size approximately 40″ wide together with a mink jacket, 26″ in length and chest size approximately 36″wide

Lot 107 Achieved price: 170
A good quality dark brown mink three-quarter length coat, approximately 42″ in length and chest size approximately 46″ wide

Lot 108 Unsold
Dickins & Jones – a vintage musquash fur jacket with two large buttons to the front, together with a dyed mink stole, approximately 60″ in length

Lot 109 Achieved price: 50
A quantity of fur stoles and trims to include mink and rabbit

Lot 110 Achieved price: 70
A Canadian mink jacket, approximately 26″ in length and chest size approximately 36″ wide

Lot 111 Achieved price: 80
A fox dual-colourway fur coat with horizontal zig-zag effect, approximately 46″ in length, ladies size 16

Lot 112 Unsold
A musquash jacket in two tone brown colourway, approximately 31″ in length and 44″ chest width

Lot 113 Unsold
A vintage Bickler black three quarter length, mohair coat, 41″ approximate length and 40″ approximate width

Lot 114 Achieved price: 30
A vintage mink stole, approximately 45″ in length and a vintage Marshall & Snellgrove child’s hat with a bow

Lot 115 Achieved price: 850
A good quality black mink full-length coat, 47″ approximate length and 36-38″ approximate chest size, with matching fur belt

Lot 116 Achieved price: 47
A group of fur stoles to include fox, together with a mink trio

Lot 117 Achieved price: 20
An Astrakhan swing jacket in black, 32″ approximate length and 38″ approximate chest size

Lot 118 Achieved price: 50
A musquash three quarter length coat, 40″ approximate length and 46″ approximate chest size

Lot 119 Unsold
A Smiths Dyers & Dresses of London animal pelt, 49″ long from nose to tail

Lot 120 Achieved price: 30
A pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, brown, style DG418 s168115

Lot 121 Achieved price: 35
Two pairs of Roberto Capuccio sun glasses, one pair in white with case and the other pair in black, together with a pair of Charles Jourdan sun glasses in black and gold with case and a pair of Gianfranco Ferre sun glasses in black with gold coloured design and leather case

Lot 122 Unsold
A pair of Prada sun glasses with white branded case

Lot 123 Unsold
Six pairs of sun glasses to include Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi, Jaeger, Gucci, Ted Lapidus and Lanvin

Lot 124 Achieved price: 50
An Escada handbag, gold coloured with branded dust bag, a Chloe leather shoulder bag in baby blue with gold coloured and branded belt buckle style clasps and two Charles Jourdan bags with one branded dust bag

Lot 125 Unsold
Six beautiful umbrellas to include G Gaspar, Paris, together with six pairs of ladies long length evening and day gloves

Lot 126 Unsold
Circa 1970 – a Christian Dior Boutique ladies jacket in orange and black herringbone design with black and orange feather cuffs

Lot 127 Achieved price: 20
A vintage Baluchi velvet embroidered, full length skirt size 28 waist and a matching waistcoat, size 40

Lot 128 Achieved price: 30
An Israel child’s blue velvet and embroidered thread jacket

Lot 129 Achieved price: 60
A pair of Clarice Cliff My Garden Foxglove pattern vases, each having a lobed, trumpet shaped body in a streaky orange and brown on a splayed foot, with printed backstamp, 8″ h

Lot 130 Achieved price: 75
British, French, American, Netherland, Polish, Argentinean and Canadian coinage to include a Queen Anne Sixpence 1705, a 1 Frank 1861, a German States Bavarian 6 Kreuzer 1817 and others

Lot 131 Achieved price: 60
A Great War medal to 102116 private W R Goodman, Machine Gun Corps, a George V Faithfull Service medal to Harry George Hicks and two GWR first aid efficiency medals, twenty five years and fifteen years and bars for thirty five years, thirty years and twenty years and a related photograph, Service with Honour, a Disabled Dischage Certificate, Certificate of Service and related postcards

Lot 132 Achieved price: 220
A late Victorian silver plated oil lamp having a clear glass reservoir with line cut decoration, over a baluster and square column, decorated with masks, rams head, swags and foliage, on a splayed foot, 25″ h and a late brown and white glass shade

Lot 133 Achieved price: 120
19th Century Dutch School – a winter landscape with figures on a frozen lake and a cottage, oil on panel, 9 1/2″ x 9″ in a gilt and walnut finished frame

Lot 134 Achieved price: 80
George A Boyle – a lake scene at sunset with cattle at the water’s edge, oil on canvas signed lower left corner, 10 1/4″ x 18″, in a gilt frame

Lot 135 Achieved price: 70
Early 20th century British School – a rural scene with a family, a dog and children in a field with houses and a church beyond, oil on canvas, 8″ x 10″, in a gilt frame

Lot 136 Unsold
Late 19th century British School – a kitchen interior scene with a child feeding a hen and her chicks, oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″, in a gilt frame

Lot 137 Unsold
Circle of John Sell Cotman – a coastal scene, figures, horses, a cart and a boat with the sea beyond, oil on panel, 9″ x 12″, in a gilt frame

Lot 138 Unsold
H E Tozer – a seascape with boats in choppy waters, watercolour, signed and dated ’83 lower left corner, 8 1/2″ x 23 1/2″ in glazed gilt frame

Lot 139 Achieved price: 80
Alicia Boyle 1908-1996, ‘March Window’, oil on canvas signed lower right corner, 30″ x 19 1/2″, framed Arts Council of Northern Ireland and other labels and signature verso

Lot 140 Achieved price: 320
Alicia Boyle -1908 -1996, a landscape with pylons, oil on canvas, 30″ x 20″, framed with DeVeres art auctions, September 1998 label verso

Lot 141 Unsold
Attributed to Cornelius Krieghoff – a view of a church with figures and horses to the foreground, oil on canvas, 24 3/4″ x 20″ in a gilt frame

Lot 142 Unsold
P Nolan Powell – ‘Out of the Mist Winter’, acrylic/watercolour, signed, 11″ x 15″ with label verso, framed and glazed

Lot 143 Achieved price: 60
A George III mahogany toilet mirror having a rectangular plate, pivoting on moulded horns, over a moulded, stepped front base with three short and one long drawer, raised on ogee bracket feet, 29″ h, 20″ w

Lot 144 Achieved price: 75
A Middle Eastern wall hanging decorated with panels of animals and diamond shaped motifs, in orange, red, blue and brown, 107″ x 69″

Lot 145 Unsold
A Caucasian rug with twin medallions, S shaped and geometric motifs on a blue and beige ground, 97″ x 47″

Lot 146 Achieved price: 140
A West Persian rug with a central medallion and geometric flowering vines on a brown ground, 82″ x 50″

Lot 147 Achieved price: 600
A mid 18th century fruitwood and elm Thames Valley region Windsor chair having a serpentine crest, a pierced splat and spindle back, curved level arms and moulded seat, raised on turned legs, united by stretchers

Lot 148 Achieved price: 95
A Victorian mahogany butlers tray having deep sides with cut out handles on a cross-over base, with rectangular legs, 37″ h, 29 1/2″ w, 18 1/2″ d

Lot 149 Achieved price: 3900
A Caucasian Eagle Kazak rug with a central medallion on a red ground, 82″ x 64″

Lot 150 Achieved price: 60
A pair of early to mid 20th century table lamps with gilt metal mounts and fittings and a mottled purple glaze, 12″ high including fittings

Lot 151 Unsold
19th century British School – cottage interior scene of two boys playing musical instruments, with a howling dog, cabbage and fishing trap, 10″ x 8″, oil on canvas, unsigned, mounted in a gilt frame

Lot 152 Unsold
Late 19th century British School – an extensive landscape with a figure by a cottage and a field being ploughed, 9″ x 15″, oil on canvas, mounted in a gilt frame

Lot 153 Unsold
Attributed to Sir Augustus Wall Callicott RA 1779-1884 – a 19th century river landscape with trees and fishing pots, oil on board, 12″ x 9″, artists name to gilt mount, in a gilt framed

Lot 154 Achieved price: 100
Ron Waddams – two abstracts ‘Universal Light Within (2)’ and ‘Wholeness in Brokenness’ acrylic, each with a signed, label verso, 36″ x 48″, unframed

Lot 155 Achieved price: 280
A late Victorian, yellow metal bangle, fashioned as a horseshoe, flanked by leaves and flowers set with seed pearls, in a black leather clad box, inscribed Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company

Lot 156 Unsold
A pair of Anthony Theakston, salt glazed pottery salt and pepper pots, each fashioned as a puffin, 4 1/8″ h

Lot 157 Achieved price: 50
A Dunhill gold plated lighter of rectangular form with rounded edges and engine turned decoration, No 348446 boxed with a booklet

Lot 158 Achieved price: 50
A Van Cleef & Arpels, Le Briquet ‘La Collection’ gold plated lighter of rectangular form with rounded edges, a finger grip and ribbed decoration No 1306587 boxed, with card

Lot 159 Unsold
Miguel Senserrich (1933, Spanish) – a bronze covered sculpture of a young woman mounted on a stone base, signed to base edge, 12 3/8″h, with a certificate of guarantee

Lot 160 Achieved price: 70
A Doulton Lambeth stoneware ARP Drinking Water jar and cover, 15 1/2″h

Lot 161 Unsold
Reverend John Pelling (b 1930) – nude study of a reclining woman, pencil and watercolour wash, signed lower left corner, 18 5/8″ x 24 5/8″, glazed in silvered frame

Lot 162 Achieved price: 90
Two early 20th century Chinese School export depicting a battle scene, the other a captive, gouche on pith paper, 7″ x 11 glazed in gilt frames

Lot 163 Achieved price: 45
Late 20th century Italian School – a nude study of a woman, watercolour, signed indistinctly and dated 1972, 22″ x 15″, glazed in a white washed frame

Lot 164 Achieved price: 140
A 20th century Chinese porcelain vase and cover of bulbous, octagonal section, decorated with panels of deer and cranes in floral landscapes and vases of flowers on stands, surrounded by bats and auspicious objects, against a floral patterned, yellow ground with a six character Kangxi mark to vase top rim and lion dog finial, 35″ high

Lot 165 Achieved price: 160
Two pairs of 9ct gold cuff-links one with floral engraved decoration, the other with engine turned, each joined with a chain, 16.8g

Lot 166 Achieved price: 280
A 9ct gold flat, square link bracelet, 31g

Lot 167 Achieved price: 100
An AEL nickel plated ‘Speed Nymph’ car mascot, 6 1/8″ h, excluding thread

Lot 168 Unsold
A 1930/40s Old Time Music Hall related autograph book containing over sixty signatures to include Billy Cotton, Max Miller, Carroll Levis and others

Lot 169 Achieved price: 50
An Andre De Toth directors chair having a red canvas back, inscribed with his name and slung seat on a beech folding frame, raised on cross-over legs

Lot 170 Achieved price: 460
A Persian design rug with a central medallion and repeated diamond, boteh and flower motifs on a cream ground, 60″ x 79″

Lot 171 Achieved price: 900
A Persian design rug with a central medallion and repeated diamond, boteh and flower motifs on a cream ground, 80″ x 100″

Lot 172 Achieved price: 30
Bentley Smith – ‘Sunset’ a view on the Notter river with a heron, watercolour, titled and dated 1873 lower right corner, 12 14/” x 19″, framed and glazed

Lot 173 Unsold
E Steele – a pair of still lifes, one of an apple and a pear and the other of plums and mushrooms, oil on board, 5″ x 8 1/4″, framed

Lot 174 Achieved price: 60
Late 19th century European School – a still life of fruit, glasses, a dish and a Delft bowl, oil on board, 12″ x 9″, in a gilt frame

Lot 175 Unsold
R Alexander – a river scene with a windmill, boats, a building, a horse and cart watercolour, signed and dated 1910 lower right corner, 9 3/4″ x 14″, in a glazed, gilt frame

Lot 176 Unsold
An early 18th century oak drop leaf dining table, having twin D shaped fall flaps, raised on baluster, turned, block legs, 28″ h, 48″ w

Lot 177 Achieved price: 30
Stolwe – a French street scene, watercolour, signed lower left corner, 14″ x 10 1/2″ in a glazed, gilt frame

Lot 178 Unsold
Mid 19th century British School – a river scene with cattle resting and a building beyond, watercolour, 13 1/2″ x 19 1/2″ in a glazed, gilt frame

Lot 179 Achieved price: 400
Alicia Boyle 1908-1996 – ‘Moon Cattle Portnoo’ oil on canvas, titled lower right corner, labels verso, 24″ x 19 3/4″, framed

Lot 180 Achieved price: 60
Alicia Boyle 1908-1996 – an abstract watercolour, signed lower right, 14 1/2″ x 19″, framed and glazed

Lot 181 Unsold
Early 20th century British school – a head and shoulders portrait of a woman with brown hair, wearing a blue hat and coat, oil on board, 21″ x 15 1/2″, in a glazed, gilt frame

Lot 182 Unsold
A lustre glazed porcelain tankard with a lizard handle, a hunting scene with two men on horseback and sprigs of flowers, 5 3/4″ h

Lot 183 Achieved price: 320
Michele Lehmann – ‘At The Mijas Church’ a queue of people, oil on plywood, 28″ x 42″, in an oak frame Provenance: commissioned by Val Doonican

Lot 184 Achieved price: 190
Alicia Boyle 1908-1996 – ‘Sweeny The Madman’ oil on canvas, signed lower right corner, framed, label verso Provenance: Exhibited in three Solo Exhibitions

Lot 185 Achieved price: 240
A set of three Mont Blanc pens to include a fountain pen with a 14ct gold nib, a ballpoint pen and a propelling pencil in a black leather pouch

Lot 186 Achieved price: 180
A late 19th century Watson Bros, lacquered brass cased surveying, aneroid, compensated barometer 3″ dia, in a brown leather clad hard case and a contemporary Negretti and Zambra, brass cased compensated pocket barometer, 1 3/4″ dia in a brown leather, clad hard case

Lot 187 Unsold
A yellow metal, cubic zirconia set, four piece jewellery suite, each piece fashioned as conjoined scrolls with filigree bars, comprising a necklace, a bracelet, a ring and one earring, stamped 18ct

Lot 188 Achieved price: 50
A Mulberry brown leather, faux crocodile Psion and note pad case, in a card box with a label NX018/123, New Psion 5 case Congo chocolate

Lot 189 Achieved price: 42
A Mulberry brown leather, faux crocodile Psion and note pad case, in card box with label NX018/123, New Psion 5 case Congo chocolate

Lot 190 Unsold(2)
A Khodynka Cup of Sorrow for the Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna in 1896, decorated with the ciphers of Nicholas and Alexandra, surrounded by geometric patterns and the Romanov eagle on the reverse

Lot 191 Achieved price: 100
An early Victorian mahogany cased, drop dial clock with a convex glass and visible pendulum, with a fusee movement and a painted dial with Roman numerals, 19″ h

Lot 192 Unsold
Fifty four Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company $5 share certificates and other British, Russian and Spanish share certificates and related ephemera

Lot 193 Unsold
Eleven designer ladies blouses to include Yves Saint Laurent, Bellino, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Escada, Guy Laroche, Jaeger and Louis Feraud

Lot 194 Unsold
A vintage leather handbag having a leopard fur panel to one side, together with a 1930s Practical Furriers, V Fishel and Sons, Glasgow, brown mink fur shoulder wrap, with pockets, approximately 60″ in total length

Lot 195 Achieved price: 27
A mink stole, 60″ total length

Lot 196 Achieved price: 550
A George III mahogany gentleman’s dressing chest with a brushing slide, above four graduating long drawers, standing on bracket feet, 34″ x 36″

Lot 197 Unsold
A George III oak lowboy with one long drawer, a central cupboard flanked by six short drawers, raised on bracket feet, 31″h x 37″w

Lot 198 Achieved price: 60
A George III mahogany bureau, the fall flap enclosing open pigeonholes with four, graduating long drawers below, standing on bracket feet

Lot 199 Unsold
A George IIIoak bureau, the fall flap enclosing a central cupboard flanked by short drawers and pigeonholes with four graduating long drawers below, raised on bracket feet

Lot 200 Achieved price: 150
An early 19th century Vice Admiral Horatio Viscount Nelson funeral commemorative glass, engraved with his funeral car and text on a knopped stem and splayed foot, 5 1/16″ h A/F

Lot 201 Achieved price: 70
An early 20th century finely carved ivory dressing table set, decorated with a ring and border of roses and leaves, comprising two hair brushes, two clothes brushes and a hand mirror

Lot 202 Achieved price: 180
A Boucheron style crystal and gold plated model of a crane, its crest inset with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, standing on a rock by a drum style quartz clock, inscribed DTI on a blue marble base, 7 1/2″h

Lot 203 Achieved price: 65
A 1970s Gabrielle Designs Aunt Lucy bear toy, wearing a multi coloured hat, skirt and shawl with glasses and label inscribed Peruvian Rugby FC reserves, Supporters Club, 17″ h

Lot 204 Achieved price: 70
Two Gabriella Designs Paddington Bear toys, one wearing a yellow plastic hat, raincoat and black wellington boots, design number 957892 and the other wearing a brown felt hat, a green duffel coat and yellow wellington boots, each 21″ h

Lot 205 Achieved price: 240
A silver, gilt surprise egg by Stuart Devlin, London 1980 having a textured, scrolled decoration, revealing a jack in a box with string and scissors, No. 26

Lot 206 Achieved price: 240
A silver gilt surprise egg by Stuart Devlin, London 1980 having a textured, scrolled decoration revealing a jack in a box with string and scissors, No 159

Lot 207 Achieved price: 850
A vintage Hermes mottled green enamelled, brass cigarette box, the hinged lid having a belt and buckle handle enclosing a compartmented, wooden lining, the base stamped Hermes, Paris, made in France, 1 1/8″h, 7 1/2″ w, 4 3/4″ d

Lot 208 Achieved price: 600
A vintage Hermes mottled green, enamelled and brass picture frame on a tan, leather clad easel back, 11 1/2″ x 9 1/8″

Lot 209 Unsold
An early 20th century silver pedestal dish, probably by Charles Horner, Birmingham 1906 with an applied, cast border and ornate, pierced decoration on splayed foot, 4 1/4″h, 8″ d, 305g

Lot 210 Achieved price: 290
A pair of early 20th century silver baskets by Goldsmith & Silversmith Company, Birmingham 1904 of flared, crossover wire form, on cast, splayed feet, 4″ h x 8 1/2″ x 3 3/8″, 626g

Lot 211 Achieved price: 160
An early 20th century silver chamberstick by William Hutton & Son, Sheffield 1913, having a flared, crimped, detachable sconce and bowl with a scrolled handle and detachable snuffer, 3 1/2″ h, 6″ dia, 419g

Lot 212 Achieved price: 30
A George III silver toddy ladle by Thomas Streetin, London 1817, having a lobedl bowl with embossed and chased, floral decoration on a turned mahogany handle, 11 1/2″ l

Lot 213 Achieved price: 600
A Victorian silver oval tray by George Fox, London 1877 having twin reeded and leaf handles, a beaded and reeded edge with an engraved, acanthus border, 22 1/4″ x 13 1/2″, 1719g approx

Lot 214 Achieved price: 150
A late Victorian clear glass inkwell with a silver, hinged cap by Mappin Brothers, London 1900, embossed and chased with foliage and scrolls, on a domed body with cut decoration, 5″ h, 5″ dia

Lot 215 Unsold
An early 20th century, clear glass atomizer with a silver cap, possibly by George Bedingham, marks rubbed, with a central press button on a bolbous body, 4 3/4″h

Lot 216 Achieved price: 130
Two Gabriella Designs Paddington bear toys, one wearing a green felt hat, a brown duffle coat and yellow wellington boots and the other wearing a grey felt hat, a purple duffle coat and red wellington boots, 19″ high

Lot 217 Achieved price: 35
Baden Powell – a hand written letter from Baden Powell on headed paper to Mappin & Webb, on 20th June 1968, reading ‘Dear Sirs, Please deliver pocket clock to the bearer of this note. Thank you, also for your speedy help in having it mended for me. Yours faithfully Baden Powell

Lot 218 Achieved price: 220
A pair of Victorian cast iron door stops in the form of Punch and Judy, 12″ high

Lot 219 Achieved price: 130
An early 20th century silver poringer by Manoah Rhodes & Sons Ltd, London 1924, of cylindrical form with twin handles on a splayed foot and the cover with three splayed feet, 4 1/2″ h, 396g

Lot 220 Achieved price: 1600
A Stewart Linford burr oak refectory table having an egg and dart carved frieze, raised on cabriole legs with carved knees and pad feet, 29 1/2″ h, 107″ l, 36″ w and a matching set of ten Windsor chairs having a serpentine crest, a pierced splat and spindle back, the carved seat, raised on cabriole fore legs and pad feet, comprising eight standard and two carvers

Lot 221 Achieved price: 240
A 19th century European carved ivory box decorated with continuous bands and panels of flower heads, scrolled and entwined leaf decoration, with a button catch to front, on four bracket feet, 2 2/8″ x 8 6/8″ x 2 2/8″

Lot 222 Achieved price: 80
A WW1 three medal campaign group named to 19717 Pte J A Turner South Wales Borders with ribbons and ribbon bar, an Egypt regimental cap badge and shoulder bar and a cloth badge

Lot 223 Achieved price: 130
A WWI two medal casualty group comprising General Service and Victory medals named to L-40367 CPL W J Seabrook RFA, who was killed in action 21st September 1917 at Poperinghe, along with a 1914 gilt brass Christmas tin, containing various military cap badges and buttons, ephemera to include a photographic postcard of CPL Seabrook standing in front of a Hovis horse and wagon, his war time grave and funeral card Commonwealth War Graves paperwork and The National Roll of the Great War 1914-18 book section V Luton with entry for Corporal Seabrook and The 25th Division in France and Flanders, a book by Lieut-Col M Kincaid-Smith 2nd edition

Lot 224 Achieved price: 150
Ciro Ganzanella – a Venetian scene with gondolas, oil on canvas, signed, 15 3/4″ x 12″, in a gilt frame

Lot 225 Unsold
Earp – a river scene with cattle and a man, watercolour, signed, 21″ x 32″, in a glazed, gilt frame

Lot 226 Achieved price: 80
G Battista – Amalfi coast with buildings and a man on a dirt track, gauche 14″ x 8″ in a glazed, gilt frame

Lot 227 Unsold
Giunti – Amalfi blue grotto, watercolour, signed, 9″ x 15 1/2″ in a glazed, gilt frame

Lot 228 Unsold
C Stoneham – a river gauge scene with rocks and trees to the foreground, oil on canvas signed and dated 1971, 24″ x 20″ in a gilt frame

Lot 229 Achieved price: 100
Minnie Jane Hardman – a still life of white flowers in a bowl, oil on canvas, initialled, 10 1/2″ x 20″, in an oak frame

Lot 230 Achieved price: 180
Late 19th century British School – a half length portrait of a girl, reputedly Minnie Jane Hardman, oil on canvas, 24″ x 20″, in a gilt frame

Lot 231 Achieved price: 800
Minnie Jane Hardman – a garden scene with Mrs Hardman’s son and daughter washing their hands at a pump, oil on canvas, initialled lower left corner, 20″ x 16″, in a gilt frame

Lot 232 Unsold
Minnie Jane Hardman – a full length portrait of a monk in a woodland oil on canvas, initialled lower left corner, 22″ x 16″, in a gilt frame with a completed Royal Academy Exhibition 1910 form

Lot 233 Achieved price: 120
Fiver early 20th century painted papermache and fabric dolls, and clothes made by Minnie Jane Hardman comprising four girls and a boy, 16″ h – 18″ h

Lot 234 Achieved price: 110
A late 19th century Chinese carved hardwood group, three elderly men, one holding a staff, one leaning on a vase and the other with a fishing net draped around his neck, standing under a tree, 23″ h

Lot 235 Unsold
A Willcox & Gibbs automatic silent sewing machine, painted black with gilt decoration and plaque, contained in a painted, wooden case

Lot 236 Unsold
Han Van Vuong – ‘Roses’, a still life watercolour, signed lower left corner, 29 1/2″ x 21 1/2″ in a glazed, teak frame

Lot 237 Unsold
Han Van Vuong – a still life of flowers in a bowl, watercolour signed lower left corner, 29 1/2″ x 21 /2″, in a glazed, teak frame

Lot 238 Unsold
Han Van Vuong – ‘Kakis Longams and Letchris’ a still life watercolour, signed lower left, 14 3/4″ x 21 3/4″, in a glazed, bamboo frame

Lot 239 Achieved price: 180
A George III mahogany writing table having a gallery over twin, in line drawers, raised on ring, turned, tapering legs and castors, 31 1/2″ x 41 6/8″ x 19 5/8″

Lot 240 Achieved price: 120
An early 20th century Japanese Satsuma, ovoid vase decorated with eight panels depicting oriental figures, signed to base, 5 7/8″ high, another Satsuma vase decorated with a quail, insects and other birds amongst foliage, twin mask, ring handles 6″ h, and a Kutani vase with gilt fanciful bird icon to the top of the vase, signed, 7 1/4″h, along with two Japanese cloths

Lot 241 Achieved price: 100
A 1970s silver fox jacket with a cream leather alternate vertical stripe detail, approximately 25″ in length and 36″ approximate ladies chest size

Lot 242 Unsold
A Burberry, London, ladies trouser suit, size 16, new with tags, together with a Burberry ladies jacket size 14, new with tags

Lot 243 Unsold
A group of three items of French faience, comprising a Desvres barometer decorated in the Italianate style circa 1920, 13″ long, an Emile Fourmaintreaux Factory, Desvres mandolin with six tuning pegs, cornucopia and armorial crest decoration circa 1890, 14 7/8″ long and a Porquier Beau, Quimper salt, with twin snake head handles, a crowned armorial coat of arms and a garden scene entitled ‘Les Premier Pas’ (The First Steps), on three scrolled feet, 11″ high, titled and marked to base, circa 1880. (Some restoration to the salt and mandolin)

Lot 244 Unsold
A pair of Desvres cornucopia wall pockets decorated with flowers and insects, Emile Fourmaintreaux Factory, circa 1920, 9″ long and a Quimper, fan shaped vase painted with the double Breton pattern, marks for Adolphi Porquier, factory to base, circa 1870, 5″ high

Lot 245 Unsold
A 19th century Cantagalli Maiolica bust of a child on an oval sociele base in the Della Robia style, circa 1880, 12″ high

Lot 246 Unsold
Minnie Jane Hardman – a half length portrait of the artist mother knitting, oil on canvas, unsigned, 20″ x 16″, framed

Lot 247 Achieved price: 70
Minnie Jane Hardman – a half-length portrait of Ann Hardman, the artists daughter wearing a turquoise dress and a coral necklace, watercolour, initialled lower left corner, 8 1/4″ x 6 1/2″, in a glazed, gilt frame

Lot 248 Achieved price: 100
Minnie Jane Shubrook (Hardman) – a half length portrait of an elderly gentleman reading a book, oil on canvas signed top right hand corner, 30″ x 25″, in a gilt frame

Lot 249 Achieved price: 40
Minnie Jane Hardman – a half-length portrait of a young boy with brown wavy hair wearing a lace collar and grey coat, oil on canvas initialled top right hand corner, 27″ x 20″ framed

Lot 250 Unsold
Minnie Jane Hardman – a pair of landscapes, a moorland with low hills to the distance and a field with hay stooks and the sea beyond, watercolour, the latter initialled, 7 1/4″ x 10 3/4″, in glazed, gilt frames

Lot 251 Achieved price: 40
Minnie Jane Hardman – two still life of roses, one with the flowers in a basket, the other with them on a table, oil on canvas initialled top right corner, 12″ x 16″ and 9 1/2″ x 18″, unframed

Lot 252 Unsold
Minnie Jane Hardman – a half length portrait of a young boy, Richard, the artists grandson, oil on canvas, initialled lower right corner, 24″ x 18″, in a moulded frame

Lot 253 Achieved price: 90
Minnie Jane Hardman – a half length portrait of a young girl, Ann, the artists granddaughter, oil on canvas initialled lower left, 23 1/2″ x 19″

Lot 254 Achieved price: 42
W A Cuthbertson (1881-1968) – two canal scenes with Dutch barges, watercolour, one signed lower right, 14″ x 10″ and 11″ x 15″, in glazed oak frames

Lot 255 Unsold
Gertrude Atkinson – ‘Whitby’, ‘Polperro’, ‘Broadway’ and ‘Old House’ etchings, signed in pencil, largest 11″ x 8 1/2″, in glazed black frames

Lot 256 Unsold
ACG – an early 19th century view of a horse and cart, two men and buildings beyond, watercolour initialled, 11″ x 14 1/2″, in a glazed birds eye maple frame

Lot 257 Achieved price: 190
A 17th century oak boarded chest having a strap, hinged top over a visible iron lock plate, raised on cutout ends, 19″ h, 26″ w, 13″ d

Lot 258 Achieved price: 380
A Regency rosewood, tip top dining table having a bead edge over a turned, reeded, carved column and platform, raised on splayed legs and castors, 29″h, 53″ dia

Lot 259 Unsold
A late Victorian string inlaid mahogany and marquetry nursing chair having a spindle back and tapestry seat, raised on turned, tapering fore legs and castors

Lot 260 Achieved price: 400
A late 19th century Hungarian, burr walnut, satinwood and marquetry dining table having a serpentine, cross banded border over a frieze drawer, raised on moulded cabriole legs, 30 1/2″ x 54″l x 30 1/2″ w and a matching set of six bar back dining chairs with floral and striped fabric upholstered seats

Lot 261 Achieved price: 400
A late Victorian walnut rotating bookcase having three tiers with part slatted sides, raised on a cast iron and walnut crossover base and castors, 47″ h x 23 1/2″ sq

Lot 262 Achieved price: 75
A Toff Milway, Conderton studio pottery fish platter, 23″ long and a Toff Milway bowl decorated with three fish around an incised double circle, 10″ diameter and a Raku vase decorated with a glazed band of geometric patterns, incised potter’s mark, ‘W’ to the base edge, 5 2/8″

Lot 263 Unsold
A group of carved wooden tribal art, probably Papua New Guinea, to include a food/basket hook carved with four faces, having inset cowrie shell eyes, Sepik River Villages (5)

Lot 264 Unsold
19th Century British School – still life of flowers, watercolour, unsigned, 19 1/2″ x 25 1/2″, glazed in a gilt and fabric frame, sold with admissions ticket to the Royal Academy of Arts annual exhibition 1889 for the exhibitor F F Lodge, attached verso

Lot 265 Unsold
J T Banks 1923/24 – a pair of rural scenes, Homestead between Leith Hill and Broadmoor Surrey/Friday Street, Surrey, oil on board, signed and dated lower left corners, 9 7/8″ x 16 1/2″, mounted in white wood frames

Lot 266 Achieved price: 190
Dick Francis – thirty eight titles, mostly signed, first editions, some with inscriptions, unless stated otherwise, Odds Against 1965 D W unclipped, Forfeit 1968 D W unclipped, Enquiry 1969 x 2 both unsigned, Rat Race 1970, Bonecrack 1971, Smoke Screen 1972, Slay Ride 1973, Knock Down 1974, High Stakes 1975, Trial Run 1978, Reflex 1980, Twice Shy 1981, The Danger 1983, Proof 1984, Break in 1985 unsigned, Bolt 1986 unsigned, Hot Money 1987 x 2, The Ended 1988, Straight 1989, Longshot 1990, Comeback 1991, Driving Force 1992, Decider 1993, Wild Horses 1994, Come to Grief 1995, To The Hilt 1996, 10lb Penalty 1997, Field of 13 1998, Second Wind 1999, Shattered 2000, Under Orders 2006, Even Money 2009 unsigned, Flying Finish 1986 pub. Michael Joseph Classic Collection, unsigned Provenance: The collection was formed by the owner of The Chapter House, a bookstore in Beaconsfield, each year around late October/beginning of November, on the release of a new Dick Francis book, the bookshop held a book signing with the author, some of the inscription to the books in this collection refer to the bookshop, as well as the owner who had the same first name as the author

Lot 267 Achieved price: 160
Forty eight bottles of mixed white wine to include Chardonnay

Lot 268 Unsold
A Dom Perignon vintage 2000 bottle of Champagne, boxed and sealed

Lot 269 Unsold
A bottle of Moullon Grand Fine Champagne Cognac, extra rare, boxed

Lot 270 Unsold
A bottle of Gosset Celebris Champagne 1995, boxed

Lot 271 Achieved price: 70
A bottle of Pol Roger Champagne 150cl, sold by Fortnum & Mason (Churchill’s favorite)

Lot 272 Achieved price: 160
A bottle of Armagnac Monsieur D Coleridge, 1949, 2l

Lot 273 Achieved price: 95
A bottle of Hennessy X0 Cognac, 70cl, boxed

Lot 274 Unsold
A bottle of Delaforce Superb Old Tawney Port

Lot 275 Achieved price: 47
A bottle of Delamain Champagne Cognac

Lot 276 Unsold
A bottle of Taittinger Champagne 1981, 750ml

Lot 277 Achieved price: 45
A bottle of Churchill’s Vintage Port 1983

Lot 278 Achieved price: 35
A bottle of Champagne Drappie 1989, 750ml

Lot 279 Unsold
A bottle of Taylors Port 1973

Lot 280 Unsold
A bottle of Taylors Port 1973

Lot 281 Unsold
A late 17th/early 18th century continental oak, arched top trunk, the top having iron strap hinges and decorated with four busts and foliage, over straight sides, the front carved with two figures, each in a niche and fretworked escutcheon, raised on boulbous feet, 26″ h, 40″ w, 21 1/2″ d

Lot 282 Achieved price: 95
An early 20th century mahogany rotating bookcase having two tiers with fretwork and slatted sides, raised on a turned column and arched feet, 23 1/2″ h, 17 1/4″ sq

Lot 283 Achieved price: 85
A late Victorian mahogany and a walnut Canterbury with carved, turned finials and turned spindle divisions, over a drawer, raised on turned, tapered legs and castors, 19 1/2″ h, 22 1/4″ w, 17″ d

Lot 284 Achieved price: 140
A late Victorian mahogany Canterbury with turned finials, a cut out handle and slatted divisions, over a drawer, raised on turned, tapered legs and castors, 19 1/2″ h, 19 1/2″ w, 14″d

Lot 285 Unsold
A late 17th/early 18th century oak box having a plank top over a floral, carved front with an iron lock plate, 11″ h x 29 1/2″ w x 12″ d

Lot 286 Achieved price: 240
A nesting set of four early 20th century, string inlaid mahogany occasional tables with slender, ring, turned columns, raised on splayed feet, the largest 25 1/2″h, 19″ w, 11 3/4″ d

Lot 287 Achieved price: 30
A late 19th century mahogany torchere having a pierced brass gallery over a turned, tapered column on a trefoil base with curved supports, raised on turned feet, 52″ h, 10″ dia

Lot 288 Achieved price: 50
A Heals oak bookcase having an arched back and sides over five shelves, raised on cut out ends and bracket fore feet, 48″ h, 21″ w, 7″ d

Lot 289 Achieved price: 150
An 18th century carved oak long case clock having a swan neck pediment over a door, decorated with rosettes, flowers and foliage, and box base, raised on bracket feet, the 8 day bell strike movement having a brass face, silvered dial with Roman and Arabic numerals and two date apertures, inscribed John Stancliff, 78″ high

Lot 290 Achieved price: 60
An R & D Slimon brass cased binnacle mount compass with a ring handle and side door, the dial inscribed No 87218, 9″ h

Lot 291 Unsold
A possibly Papua New Guinea carved tribal figure with cowrie shell eyes, a diamond shaped body, a bird and hook, 14″ h

Lot 292 Achieved price: 360
An early 20th century silver, four piece teaset by Charley S Green & Co, Birmingham 1920 of hexagonal form, comprising a hot chocolate pot, a teapot, a sugar basin and a milk jug, the largest, 5 1/2″h, 713g

Lot 293 Achieved price: 100
A Persian Casson carpet with a central medallion, entwined vines and boteh on a red ground, 117″ x 78″

Lot 294 Achieved price: 100
A Hamadan rug with a central medallion, flowers and foliage on a black ground, 79″ x 52″

Lot 295 Unsold
A late Victorian string inlaid, rosewood and marquetry Davenport having a hinged lid enclosing a letter rack and a hinged red leather scriber over a panelled front, four short drawers and four facsimile to the reverse, raised on castors, 33″ h,. 21″ w, 21″ d

Lot 296 Achieved price: 240
A late 19th century brown leather, button upholstered armchair with a cushion seat, raised on, faux rosewood, bobbin turned forelegs and castors

Lot 297 Unsold
Maqbool Fida Husain – a female being carried in a sedan chair, acrylic over print, 6″ x 11″, mounted

Lot 298 Achieved price: 220
A George III mahogany bow front, chest of two short and three graduated long chest of drawers, raised on bracket feet, 40 1/2″ h, 39 1/2″ w

Lot 299 Achieved price: 65
A George III oak bureau of small proportions, the fall front enclosing a fitted interior, above three long drawers, raised on bracket feet, 33 1/2″ h, 30″ w, 18 1/2″ d

Lot 300 Achieved price: 50
Three early 20th century Japanese wood block prints, two river scenes and a procession, the largest 10″ x 14″

Lot 301 Unsold
A George III mahogany cased wheel barometer with dry/damp, thermometer, silver dial and level inscribed, Balzari and Cassina

Lot 302 Achieved price: 120
An Edwardian ebony and boxwood, inlaid mahogany and marquetry vanity stand having a twin panelled, hinged top enclosing a rahet mirror, flanked by eight lidded compartments over a facsimile and long drawer, raised on square, tapered legs and spade feet, 32″ h, 27″ w, 20″ d

Lot 303 Unsold
A Stewart Linford walnut coffee table having an oval top, raised on cabriole legs and pad feet, 18″ h, 45″ w, 24″d

Lot 304 Unsold
A bottle of Chateau Giscont 1977, 150cl

Lot 305 Achieved price: 1100
A Cartier La Maison Du Prince pattern porcelain dinner service, decorated with fruit in scrolled cartouches in gilt and blue, comprising four breakfast teacups and saucers, a teapot, six dinner plates, 10 1/4″ dia, six salad plates, 8 7/16″ dia, six side plates 6 9/16″ dia, a tureen and cover, a sauce boat, an open dish, 11 1/4″ and a deep dish 8 9/16, all with felt covers and red card boxes

Lot 306 Achieved price: 120
A Cromwell protective headwear racing car helmet with a brown hard hat and peak and stitched leather ear and neck guard, with a webbed and fabric interior with labels Carburton Safety Euston 4793, J Lewis of Racing, Flying & Motor Clothing …No123

Lot 307 Achieved price: 2800
A pair of late 19th century Chinese Kangxi style Chinese porcelain vases, each having a cylindrical neck and body with a tapered foot, decorated with panels of objects on a hexagonal and flowerhead ground in tones of blue and white, 18″ h

Lot 308 Unsold
A Simon & Halbig bisque headed doll, DEP 1079 NO. 15 with weighted glass eyes, open mouth showing teeth, pierced ears, on a composition body with jointed limbs, with brown hair, a boater, embroidered and lace dress, 32″ h

Lot 309 Unsold
A 20th century Turkish metal mace with a domed finial and six fins on a tubular handle with a fabric grip, 22 3/4″ l

Lot 310 Unsold
A 20th century Turkish mother of pearl clad brass caligraphy pen box, of tubular form with a screw cap, enclosing a pierced compartment and a plug to the opposing end, 13″ l

Lot 311 Unsold
A brown leather Koran bag with stitched ornament, the flap enclosing four compartments, 10″ x 11″

Lot 312 Unsold
A 20th century Islamic Bohra tile decorated with two birds and styalized foliage in tones of turquoise, black and white, 7 3/4″ sq

Lot 313 Unsold
A 20th century Turkish yellow metal and steel pen box with a hinged lid and clasp enclosing, twin lidded compartments, 10 1/2″ w

Lot 314 Unsold
A 20th century Islamic carved, stone bowl decorated with vines and highlighted in green, 4 1/2″ dia

Lot 315 Achieved price: 360
A matched set of ten copper saucepans and a frying pan with five lids, each with riveted iron handles, 4 3/4″ x 11″ and an egg pan

Lot 316 Unsold
Adrian Borland – a rural scene with a horse and cart crossing a river, a woman on a path and buildings beyond, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1860 lower right corner, 14″ x 18″ in a gilt frame

Lot 317 Achieved price: 550
Attributed to Marcel Dyf – a shoreline scene with sailing boats and figures, oil on canvas, signed, 18″ x 22″ in a gilt frame

Lot 318 Achieved price: 650
Attributed to Marcel Dyf – a rural scene with a dirt track and buildings beyond, oil on canvas, signed, 18″ x 21 1/2″, in a gilt frame

Lot 319 Achieved price: 220
A late Victorian table top dinner gong with a nickel plated gong, suspended on a pair of horns with silver plated mounts, on a turned, oak base with a beater, 18″ h

Lot 320 Achieved price: 170
A late Victorian lacquered brass microscope with five eye pieces and a magnifying glass on a stand, contained in a mahogany carrying case

Lot 321 Achieved price: 60
A bottle of Renaudin Bollinger & Co Champagne 1937

Lot 322 Unsold
A bottle of Blanc de Blancs Champagne, 1986 and a bottle of Clairette Muscat

Lot 323 Unsold
A bottle of Porto Cabral Royal reserve port

Lot 324 Achieved price: 220
A bottle of Pont de Arts Champagne Brandy Cognac, 700ml, boxed

Lot 325 Achieved price: 240
Approximately 209 microscope slides, examples with insects, bones, sections of animal parts, contained in two soft wood cases

Lot 326 Achieved price: 85
A bottle of Nie Poort & Co Port, dated 1944

Lot 327 Achieved price: 37
A bottle of Dalwhinnie scotch whisky, mixed sherry and port, along with a box of mixed glasses (5)

Lot 328 Achieved price: 40
Sixteen mixed bottles to include Haut-Medoc and Calvados

Lot 329 Achieved price: 100
A bottle of Teachers Whisky, 4.5lt

Lot 330 Achieved price: 50
Three bottles of Scotch whisky to include Dimple, Bells and Craggonmore

Lot 331 Achieved price: 460
Three bottles of Balvenie Highland Scotch Whisky

Lot 332 Achieved price: 480
Three bottles of Balvenie Highland Scotch Whisky, boxed

Lot 333 Achieved price: 140
Four bottles of Lansol Champagne vintage, 1980, 75ml

Lot 334 Achieved price: 150
Four bottles of Lansol Champagne vintage, 1980, 75ml

Lot 335 Achieved price: 120
Three bottles of 1980 Lanson Champagne, vintage, 75cl

Lot 336 Achieved price: 37
Three bottles of Lanson Black Label Champagne

Lot 337 Achieved price: 160
Ten boxes of miscellaneous white wine

Lot 338 Achieved price: 90
Six bottles of Baileys, two bottles of Dranbue and three bottles of Tia-Maria

Lot 339 Achieved price: 180
Eleven bottles of mixed wines

Lot 340 Unsold
Six bottles of Taylor’s First Estate Port

Lot 341 Achieved price: 22
A bottle of Bass Kings Ale 1902 and a selection of beer mugs

Lot 342 Achieved price: 160
Two bottles of Croft Vintage Port 1963

Lot 343 Achieved price: 240
Three bottles of Port to include Quinta Do Noval 1955 and 1963, Feuerheerd 1963

Lot 344 Achieved price: 200
Twelve mixed bottles to include Puligny-Montrachet 1st Cru 1969

Lot 345 Achieved price: 320
Five bottles of mixed wines to include Recclle 1940 and Chateau D Quem Sauterne 1955

Lot 346 Unsold
A Guy Laroche ladies black formal dress with jewelled buttons to the front and ladder straps to the back in 100% rayon, approximately 36-38″ chest size

Lot 347 Achieved price: 100
A vintage American gents Ghost Riders leather jacket, size 40″ chest

Lot 348 Unsold
A vintage gents Black Panther 20th Anniversary Collection 1996-2006 leather jacket size M

Lot 349 Achieved price: 50
A vintage Versace gents black leather jacket, size M, (zip pull A/F), Versace logo to the rear

Lot 350 Achieved price: 220
Three bottles of Remy Martin Champagne Cognac, A/F with boxes

Lot 351 Achieved price: 800
A 14ct gold textured organic inspired ring set with a pink, coral cabochon within an irregular boarder of four diamonds and four emeralds, stamped 14k, 22.8g

Lot 352 Unsold
A three tone, gold coloured metal brooch, fashioned as tow flowers, the stamens and stem set with twenty eight diamonds, 26.2g

Lot 353 Achieved price: 60
An early 20th century blond mink stole with collar, pockets and five tasselled tail ends to each side, brown embroidered satin linging, along with brown mink collar stole

Lot 354 Unsold
A Karbra gold coloured metal ring set with an amethyst coloured paste stone, in a claw setting with rope twist shoulders, 11g

Lot 355 Unsold
An Omega white gold and diamond, ladies wristwatch having rectangular dial, inset with one hundred and nine diamonds, total weight 28g

Lot 356 Unsold
A 19th century, 18ct gold and diamond ring decorated with ball and floral pierced top, inset with eight old mine cut diamonds, total weight 8.80g

Lot 357 Unsold
An 18ct gold, diamond and three strand seed pearl earrings, 3/4 carat each, total weight approximately 12 g

Lot 358 Achieved price: 170
A late Victorian silver jewellery box, repousse decorated in the Dutch style with a garden scene of seated figures and a mandolin player to the lid, standing on bracket feet, Birmingham 1900, makers initials HM, 2 5/8″ h x 6 1/8″l x 5″ deep

Lot 359 Unsold
An early 20th century African turned wooden bowl, 14″ diamenter

Lot 360 Unsold
An 18ct gold and white gold bracelet inset with ten diamonds and nine sapphires, ladder cuff style, 14g

Lot 361 Achieved price: 100
A George III mahogany cheese coaster with turned end and baize base, 13 1/2″ long, 4 7/8″ high

Lot 362 Unsold
A group of early 20th century Dinky toys, diecast model vehicles to include a Morris Oxford car, a three ton Army Wagon, Britain’s Army Cannons and vehicles, Lesney, Benbros and others (19)

Lot 363 Achieved price: 30
A selection of hollow lead figures to include a set of ten Britains Coco Cubs, various soldiers, cowboy and Indian figures and others

Lot 364 Unsold
A Burnett Ltd, London tinplate clockwork land speed record car with integral key, a German Tellus tinplate clockwork horse drawn cart A/F, a Triang clockwork cab in red and black colours and a German clockwork, tinplate model car

Lot 365 Achieved price: 30
A quantity of early 20th century games and toys to include L’Attack card game and stands, wood and plaster horse and riders, rocking horse stirrups and tack and other items

Lot 366 Achieved price: 400
Early 20th century tinplate, clockwork engines, a Bing for Bassett – Lowke L B & SCR 11, 4-4–2 precusor tank engine, a George the Fifth 2663 Bing for Bassett-Lowke 0 gauge, tinplate clockwork train engine and a GNR tinplate, clockwork 0 gauge tank engine, probably by Bing for Bassett-Lowke in green and black livery, along with a key, various station accessories including luggage and railway station signs to include Britains

Lot 367 Unsold
Fattorini & Sons Ltd, Westgate Bradford, A German mantle clock in a carved light oak case, having a white painted Roman dial with engraved, scrolled leaf design, silent/chime subsiduary dial and twin winding holes, striking on a gong, 16 18/” high, with key and pendulum

Lot 368 Achieved price: 45
A late 20th century silver nurses buckle, each part decorated with a dragonfly and foliage on a blue elastic belt

Lot 369 Achieved price: 500
A Victorian silver cup by Joseph & Albert Savory, London 1847, having a flared, bolbous body on a lobed pedestal foot with flora, foliate and scrolled, embossed and chased decoration, 6 3/4″ h, 252g

Lot 370 Achieved price: 800
A gold coloured metal bracelet watch of curved, multi link form with a hinged panel revealing a rectangular dial, with Arabic numerals and battons, with a mechanical movement, the back plate and clasp stamped 14k, 58g

Lot 371 Unsold
A Georg Jensen 18ct gold modernist brooch of curved, irregular form, stamped 1324, 17.3g

Lot 372 Achieved price: 160
An early 20th century carved and stained ivory chess set, counters, the Queen 3 1/4″h and counters and a black lacquered and gilded folding Checker/Backgammon board, 12 1/2″ square, open

Lot 373 Unsold
A Lalique ‘Olonne Holly Leaf’ pattern, frosted and clear glass compote footed bowl with an etched signature, 7 1/2″h, 10 1/2″ dia

Lot 374 Unsold
An amber and amber coloured bead necklace with five pendants

Lot 375 Unsold
A pair of Ray Ban sunglasses with black arms stamped RB3276 004/71 6413 3N, in a soft case

Lot 376 Achieved price: 150
An 18ct gold ring set with a central diamond with a double, scrolled mount, set with twelve diamonds

Lot 377 Unsold
An 18ct gold and white metal, three stone diamond ring in a rub over setting

Lot 378 Achieved price: 380
Three bottles of Dolomore 1935 Grande Champagne Cognac, bottled in 1965

Lot 379 Achieved price: 190
Two bottles of 1963 Croft Vintage Port

Lot 380 Unsold
An early 19th century matched set of mahogany, Gillows style, rail back chairs consisting of two carvers and four standards, carver of a later date

Lot 381 Achieved price: 170
Two bottles of 1963 Croft Vintage Port

Lot 382 Achieved price: 170
A mid 19th century oak and brass wheel bellows

Lot 383 Achieved price: 480
Four bottles of Dolamore 1935 Grand Champagne Cognac, bottled in 1965